Our Services

Business Intelligence Solutions

From boardroom executives to frontline operation managers, the uncertain economy has highlighted the necessity— and the benefits—of making informed decisions. To cut costs, streamline operations, and fuel continual process improvements, employees must be empowered to make better decisions at every level in the organization.

Mobile Application Development

Tira fir IT provides mobile application development on all leading mobile platforms including Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile.
Our experience in mobile development enabled us to offer various services to our customers including proof of concept, feasibility studies, requirements analysis, review of code and design.

Enterprise Project Management Solutions

In an increasingly competitive business environment, success depends upon your ability to manage every project well, keeping them on time, within scope and budget, and aligned with business goals. However, the ever-changing environment is making it trickier for those seeking to establish higher control and visibility over their projects initialization, selection and execution as well as resources utilization.

Information Worker Solutions

Tira for IT facilitates designing, deploying and operating high-availability application and infrastructure solutions to streamline access to critical business information. You benefit from a proven approach and practical advice on application solutions that connect information, systems, people and processes, allow them to communicate and collaborate anytime and anywhere, and put your customers at the center of your business.


Portals enable you to deliver access to the data, applications and service your employees, customers and business partners need via a Web browser. They can take the form of intranets, extranets and Internet- based Web sites.

Business Process Automation Solutions

Business Process Automation is a technology components substituting and/or supplementing manual processes to manage information flow within an organization to lower costs, reduce risk, and increase consistency.


We are a dedicated team with considerable experience of business and technical operations in International Aid Agencies, not for profit, public sector and commercial organizations. From requirements gathering to IT infrastructure strategy, we provide a full range of consultancy services and support to help take the hassles out of your IT projects.


Today’s global business environment requires focus on differentiated products and services based on the latest advances in technology. At the forefront of innovation, Tira for IT offers a broad portfolio of IT services that can adapt with your business. We have the people, industry and business knowledge, experience, technology, and global delivery capabilities to help you conquer new markets.

Network support

Network: determining the suitable network topology and the components needed based on the network size, technical needs, location(s), accessibility, etc.

Software Quality Assurance and Testing

Tira for IT’s Software Quality Assurance department provides software testing and software quality assurance outsourcing services for projects developed within the company (internal projects) or by other companies (external projects). It also supplies mechanisms to improve existing practices by developing standardized processes for the entire company and by applying ISO™ standards, international standards, and CMMI™-SEI Standards.

Digital Marketing

The internet offers rich opportunities to conduct highly successful marketing initiatives with exceptional return on investment at relatively low cost. With a website optimized to attract search traffic and convert visitors to customers, you can generate sales with very little outlay. Carefully targeted digital marketing campaigns and landing pages can bring customers and prospects to your site very economically.


Our team aims to provide a completely customizable and cost-effective onsite training enabling individuals to progress and organizations to prosper from their investment in people. Thus, ensuring continued customer satisfaction through quality and value.